Building materials in the province of Castellon

All houses, flats, rooms or warehouses at some point need to be repaired, conditioned, refurbished, expanded or transformed.

That's why, at Áridos Mateu–El Gelat, we have the products and materials for all of these processes.
We are the exclusive Sika distributor for Els Ibarsos and nearby towns.
We hope you think of us when planning your works, so that we can provide you with all the materials you'll need.

As you know, Sika offers the solutions to any possible problems that might arise in any area of your company or housing and, at Áridos Mateu–El Gelat, you'll find all the options there are for finishing your works exactly to your liking.
El Gelat - Materiales de construcción
Every refurbishment is made up of several distinct parts where you can find some characteristic problems that need specific solutions.
Exterior and interior works need a range of specific products and materials. You will find products for the following here:
  • Waterproofing roofs
  • Waterproofing balconies and terraces
  • Facade cladding
  • Sealing exterior cracks and seals
  • Sealing interior seals
  • Fitting wood flooring
  • Fitting interior panels
  • Fitting ceramic tiles and flagstones
  • Sealing windows
  • Sealing tile roofs
  • Buried walls, tanks, reservoirs
  • Waterproofing swimming pools
  • Repair of pillars, facades, floors
  • Filling gaps
  • Horizontal anchors
  • Vertical anchors
  • Flooring in garages

El Gelat - Materials warehouse interior

El Gelat - Materials for construction

El Gelat - Supply of construction materials